Friday, May 19, 2006

Minions on the Move (be sure to move with them)

The new Minions toon site, Minions at Work is live and running at:

Monday's new panel will be posted there, not here. You'll also find all the exisiting Minions material reposted there as well, so you don't even need to bookmark this as an archive (it will go away at some point anyhow). I will post a reminder of the new panel here, and every week for a while, until I'm sure all traffic has been directed to the new site.

Please bookmark the new link and delete this one. Once again, I ask your help in passing the link around.

I apologize again to the Dandelion Studios folks for accidently treading on the title of their comic. You'll find a link to their site on the new page as well. My way of saying, "sorry, dudes."

And sorry to my readers out there for this inconvenience so soon after we've started. Just to make it worth your while to visit the new page, I've added a little "DVD Extra" feature for Minions #6.


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