Thursday, April 27, 2006

Turning the lights on...

Welcome to Minions. Power up the easily-overloaded nuclear reactor, and energize the dangerously-uninsulated buss-bars positioned under the catwalk. We are now open in beta-test mode.

There may be a few rough edges around still, and we have no firm schedule for posting new Minions toons, though I expect new ones will appear about once a week, depending on my schedule.

You can help support Minions by clicking on the "" link in the sidebar and picking up one (or dozens, they make great gifts) of the many novels written by my wife and I.

Please feel free to share link for Minions and pass it around to friends, family, and especially, enemies. Enjoy, and remember, sooner or later, everybody gets to be somebody's minion.

- Steve


Blogger Echo Team said...

Pretty cool series you got going.
I'm still not sure what a "minion" is though...but they're well done and darn funny.
I think the Blog would work better in 700pixel wide screen.
e-mail me the template and I'll see If I can tweak it.
I like the way you got title/graphic/link thing going. I may have to try that once I figure it out.

Thu Apr 27, 10:38:00 AM PDT  

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